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Northfield Contracts Ltd., your dedicated builders in Rothbury, excel at delivering high-quality building and roofing services. Our team ensures that every project is carried out with the utmost care and craftsmanship.
Our Services
Our building services in Rothbury include new builds, refurbishments, and more. We are dedicated to delivering solutions that meet your specific needs and expectations.
Our conversion services in Rothbury elevate underused spaces like lofts and garages into stylish, functional havens. Enhance your home's practicality and charm, boosting property value and energy efficiency with our expert touch.
Transform your home with our extension services in Rothbury. Enjoy more space, a new home office, or an updated kitchen, enhancing comfort and luxury while increasing your property's value and functionality.
Choose our expert paving and driveway services in Rothbury to enhance your property's curb appeal. Our solutions offer more than pathways; they create visually appealing, practical, and durable outdoor spaces.
Choose our new build services in Rothbury for a customised, eco-friendly property. Tailored to your needs, with designs incorporating the latest architectural trends and sustainable technology, you can enhance your lifestyle and reduce environmental impact.
Revitalise your property with our refurbishment services in Rothbury, boosting its value and appeal. Enjoy bespoke, modern designs that incorporate energy-efficient solutions, ensuring style, functionality, and sustainability.
Our expert repointing services in Rothbury transform and strengthen your property. Using lime and cement mortars, we ensure your structure retains its charm while standing strong against environmental challenges.
Invest in our roofing and guttering services in Rothbury for top-tier protection and enhancement. Our solutions provide a durable shield against weather-related wear, ensuring your property remains in pristine condition.
Choose our plastering and rendering services in Rothbury for impeccable, long-lasting surfaces. Our skilled team ensures flawless finishes that enhance your property’s aesthetics and structural integrity.
Choose our carpentry and joinery services in Rothbury for your next project. We blend traditional woodworking with modern techniques, providing functional, aesthetically pleasing solutions that are durable and long-lasting.
Why Choose Us?

As dedicated builders in Rothbury, Northfield Contracts Ltd. prioritises excellence and customer satisfaction in every job. Our comprehensive services ensure each project meets the highest standards. With a professional approach to project management, we guarantee timely and budget-friendly completion, always focusing on the client’s vision. Choosing Northfield Contracts Ltd. means receiving unmatched service and quality, making us the top choice for your building needs.

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