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As a leading provider of repointing services in Berwick-upon-Tweed, North Northumberland, and the Scottish Borders, we at Northfield Contracts Ltd. are committed to the preservation and enhancement of your property. As well as more generalised repointing requirements, our team brings a depth of knowledge in traditional repointing techniques, essential for the restoration of historical and heritage properties. We understand the unique requirements of older buildings and employ methods that respect their architectural integrity while ensuring durability. Our service is not just about repair; it’s about preserving the legacy and character of your property, using the right materials and skills to maintain its intrinsic value and charm.

Here is a list of some of the typical repointing services we provide
Chimney Repointing
Don't let the elements compromise the integrity of your cherished chimney or fireplace! With time, wind, rain, and frost can deteriorate the mortar that holds your chimney together, while the sulphur produced by burning wood or coal can further weaken it from within. That's where chimney repointing comes to the rescue. By repairing the mortar, you can halt any further damage and ensure the longevity and watertightness of your chimney. Embrace the warmth and peace of mind that comes with a well-maintained chimney, shielding your beloved fireplace from the harsh effects of weather and preserving it as the heart of your cosy gatherings for years to come.
Brick Repointing
Brick repointing is crucial for maintaining brick structures, as continuous exposure to natural elements like wind, rain, and frost can damage the mortar holding the bricks together. Neglecting deteriorating brick pointing may lead to leaks, damp walls, water damage, mould growth, and structural instability. Additionally, it detracts from the aesthetic appeal of the building. Therefore, as a responsible brick building owner, it is essential to prioritise repointing to prevent potential damage and ensure the longevity, strength, and beauty of your structure. Act now and invest in repointing to avoid the costly consequences of neglect.
Stone Repointing
Nature's relentless force can cause significant damage to the mortar pointing of different types of stone walls. To restore the structural integrity of the walls, stone repointing becomes necessary. This maintenance measure is crucial in preventing further deterioration and typically involves using materials like sand cement mortar, lime mortar, or lime putty tailored to specific needs. Overall, stone wall repointing is considered a fundamental aspect of property maintenance when dealing with stone walls. When severe weather strikes with hailstorms, heavy rainfall, and strong winds, stone walls bear the brunt, suffering cracks, gaps, and damage. Ignoring these vulnerabilities invites water damage and pest infestations and jeopardises the structural stability of the walls. However, professional stone repointing services can restore your property's stone walls to their original condition using high-quality materials and techniques. Protect the beauty and durability of your property by investing in quality stone repointing services today.
Lime Mortar Repointing
Steeped in centuries of history, lime mortar repointing stands as a departure from modern sand and cement mortar, utilising a blend of natural hydraulic lime and sand. Seeking an authentic and harmonious finish, lime mortar remains the go-to solution for those undertaking masonry repointing. Particularly in the restoration of listed buildings, lime mortar pointing emerges as the preferred method, ensuring the preservation of the structure's original design. Beyond aesthetics, lime mortar repointing is an art form, with each mix tailored to the project's specific requirements. Its breathability facilitates superior ventilation and moisture control, guarding against water damage and the proliferation of mould. Additionally, lime mortar proves to be an environmentally conscious choice, devoid of the harmful chemicals released in modern mortar production. For a touch of historical charm and sustainable transformation, lime mortar repointing emerges as a compelling option for your next project.
Lime Putty Repointing
Embracing tradition and heritage, lime putty repointing stands as a departure from modern sand and cement mortar, employing a mixture of lime putty and sand. Recognised as an authentic heritage material, lime putty mortar offers an organic and breathable solution with a rich history spanning centuries. When it comes to masonry repointing, lime putty provides a sympathetic and appropriate approach that honours the original design, making it a favoured choice for repairing and repointing listed buildings. Through this time-honoured method, the character and allure of these structures endure, ensuring their legacy for future generations.
Sand Cement Mortar Repointing
When it comes to repointing, the choice between sand and cement mortar or traditional lime mortar depends on various factors. Sand and cement mortar, a contemporary blend of sand and cement, offers exceptional strength and durability, making it a popular option for modern buildings that require a robust and long-lasting finish capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions. However, for older buildings, preserving their historic aesthetics and character is paramount, which may call for the use of traditional lime mortar. Consulting with a professional is crucial to assessing the existing masonry and determining the most suitable mortar mix, ensuring that the repointing work achieves both effectiveness and aesthetic harmony while safeguarding the building's heritage and charm.
Sand Cement & Lime Mortar Repointing
Sand, cement, and lime mortar, a modern blend of sand, cement, and lime, offers versatility and unique characteristics compared to traditional lime mortar. In certain cases, repointing with this mixture may be the optimal choice, and a professional assessment of the existing masonry is essential to determining the ideal mortar mix for the project. This careful consideration guarantees effective repointing that not only revitalises the masonry but also enhances its visual appeal. Sand, cement, and lime mortar combine the durability of sand and cement with the breathability of lime, making it a suitable option for contemporary structures seeking a more modern aesthetic. However, it is crucial to factor in the age and architectural style of the building, as heritage structures often demand the preservation of their historical significance through the use of traditional lime mortar. Consulting a professional ensures the selection of the most appropriate mortar mix tailored to the specific project requirements.
Patio Repointing
As the years go by, the pointing on a patio can suffer from weathering, cracks, and wear, diminishing its charm. Luckily, there are numerous patio repointing products that can breathe new life into your outdoor space. A swift and effective option is a cement- or resin-based patio jointing compound that works like magic. Alternatively, you can opt for the tried-and-true approach of using a sand and cement mortar mix, which remains a viable choice for patio repointing. Consulting with a professional is advisable to determine the best solution tailored to your specific requirements and ensure a successful patio restoration.
Wall Repointing
If your garden wall or any other wall is showing signs of wear and tear, such as cracked or weathered mortar, it may be time to consider repointing. Selecting the appropriate mortar mix is crucial for the job, whether it's a stone or brick wall. Various types of mortar, including lime mortar or sand and cement mortar, are applicable based on the specific needs of the wall. Seeking professional guidance is advisable to find the optimal solution for your situation. Over time, walls can suffer damage from weather and environmental conditions, resulting in deteriorated mortar. When repointing, choosing the right mortar mix is essential. Lime mortar, known for its breathability and organic qualities, is a popular choice for traditional brick or stone walls. On the other hand, sand and cement mortar, with its durability and resistance to erosion, may be more suitable for modern structures. Consulting professionals can help determine the best option, ensuring that your wall remains strong and visually appealing for years to come.
Ridge Tile & Verge Repointing
Ridge tile and verge repointing is a meticulous and vital process that preserves the roof's structural integrity. Skilled professionals inspect and replace weakened mortar, enhancing the roof's functionality and appearance. Homeowners can feel reassured that their investment is protected while maintaining their home's value. Regular repointing can significantly extend the roof's lifespan, averting potential water damage and reducing the necessity for expensive repairs. With its proactive approach and skilled expertise, ridge tile and verge repointing offer a reliable and enduring solution, ensuring a well-protected and visually appealing roof for many years to come. By preserving the original charm of the roof, ridge tile and verge repointing not only enhance curb appeal but also maintain the roof's visual appeal and functionality for years to come. Whether it's for preserving the historic character of a building or ensuring the long-term protection of a modern structure, ridge tile and verge repointing stand as a testament to the dedication and craftsmanship of roofing professionals, providing homeowners with a reliable and lasting solution for their roofing needs.
Benefits of Our Repointing Services

Elevate the integrity and aesthetics of your property with our specialised repointing services. Repointing is an essential aspect of property maintenance, offering more than just structural reinforcement; it rejuvenates and transforms the appearance of your property. Our expert team, skilled in both lime and cement mortar repointing, ensures your surface or structure retains its charm while standing strong against environmental challenges. With Northfield Contracts Ltd., you can experience a meticulous blend of preservation and modern technique, enhancing not just the durability but also the curb appeal of your property. Our services are an investment in maintaining the historical value and beauty of your space, ensuring it remains a testament to both its past and its resilience for the future. Let us unlock the full potential of your property with our exceptional repointing craftsmanship.

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